a friggin update

it is now 11:14pm as i start writing this post because i’m a huge procrastinator. during winter break, i made a to-do list which included updating this blog that i’ve forsaken for more than a year but can you really blame me considering the current events?

let’s see, a succinct bulleted list in approximate chronological order seems most apt. also cell phone pics sprinkled in because i’m too lazy to look through photos from my real camera.


  • breakup but had wonderful friends/coworkers who put this on my desk the next day
  • found this while eating breakfast and laughed
  • finished invisalign aka mouth prison
  • learned sql
  • learned how to top rope and joined a rock climbing gym
  • went on a road trip around utah and saw bryce canyon, arches, zion national park
  • last broadcast of our radio show as we close down the studio. we started in 2014 and went through 3 studios during this time in brooklyn.
  • started new job at tumblr
  • met one of my favorite authors, augusten burroughs at his reading/book signing for toil & trouble
  • saw moulin rouge on broadway with my mom
  • photographed bloc party at central park centerstage
  • another breakup lmao
  • bought canon 5d mark iv


  • met someone i thought i was gonna spend my life with
  • planned greece trip with best friends (lol cancelled)
  • scheduled a tattoo (lol cancelled)
  • got covid in march before the virus became a pandemic and recovered
  • put together a covid playlist and writeup for brooklynvegan
  • actually rode my bike around manhattan and brooklyn
  • finally made my patio nice with furnishings
  • bought a violin
  • broke up 🙃
  • finally finished dental work including bone graft and implant
  • burned my hand badly making tea like an idiot. you can see it in this video on my cat’s tumblr.
  • finished journal (march 2014 – july 2020) and started on third volume.
  • fostered a kitten and treated him for ringworm. ❤ humphrey found a good home.
  • bought a house (wtf)
  • moved back to la after 7 years in new york
  • became completely obsessed with BTS
  • started learning korean

i’d be lying if i said life feels normal. i’m infinitely grateful for the privileges i’ve had during this last year; i have been incredibly fortunate compared to many.

i think one of the reasons i haven’t posted much here is that i feel overwhelmed. each one of those bullet points could be a post in itself but i need to go to sleep now.

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